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Innovators and manufacturers of a wide variety of Texturing Brushe, Texturing Machines, Bull Floats, Construction Machinery and many other products..

About Us
The demand of modern machinery has only increased in recent years as the need to keep operation costs low takes center stage. We, Kivi Equipments, manufacture a wide range of high performance equipment that are built to last and perform in less than ideal conditions. We are a leading Manufacturer of a wide range of quality products including but not limited to Texturing Machines, Texturing Brush, Mobile Sand Screening Machine, Construction Machinery, Thermoplastic Machines. We have successfully established ourselves as a company to be reckoned with within the humble half decade since our inception and have an annual turnover of INR 1 Crores which is proof of our success. 

Our offerings are precisely crafted using the best available components that undergo stringent testing prior to being used in our equipment. We thus firmly belief in the quality of our products and have always ensured that they require minimal maintenance post sales.

Our manufacturing set up boasts copious amounts of space and ultra modern equipment that aid hired experts in creating quality unlike any other in the market. The importance of sound infrastructure is known throughout the industry and is vital for not only product evolution but also process optimization. Our equipment are upgraded on a regular basis and are serviced regularly in order to ensure smooth functioning. We have divided our facility into a number of subunits to ensure that optimizations can be implemented and quality tests performed at the root level of production. Our production facility consists of a manufacturing unit, quality testing department, research lab, packaging section and sales department. 

Our Team
If infrastructure is the engine of a company then its employees are the fuel that make it run. Our team consists of experts from various domains who with their years of experience have brought a diverse set of skills to the company which has empowered us to show consistent growth. Our professionals ensure that they understand the specific requirements of clients and provide effective solutions that are tailored to meet their specifications. Our team consists of the following:
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Sales Professionals
  • Research and Development Experts
  • Packaging Personnel
  • Quality Control Experts

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Asphalt Drum Mix Plant
Our asphalt plants are built to meet stringent International and domestic standards and well aceepted and preferred by all customers.. They are thoroughly inspected and tested for quality & reliability by experienced engineers. The checks begin with the incoming material and components and end only when the finished product is tested and dispatched. We are committed to provide inspired services of the highest achievable standards for absolute satisfaction of our valued customers in terms of sales and service.
Texturing & Curing Machine
The KIVI TCM 900 is the Two track advance machine on the concrete paving market today. The features contributing highly accurate steering and elevation control systems and flexible, rigid frame design for quick width changes. Comes with unique feature of Wireless Remote Operating system to provide accuracy & ease of operations. Accuracy & Quality is essential while precision paving is desired.